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Spa Service Solutions

Regular service from a professional can help to maintain the overall health and integrity of your spa. At Grupo Hascer, we are proud to offer a wide variety of service, maintenance, and repair solutions for spas. Available for both commercial and residential installations, we can send a technician to your site as frequently as you require. We will provide all the necessary cleaning, inspections, and repairs to ensure the overall operation of your hot tub or swim spa.

Spa Services We Offer

Maintain the safety and quality of your spa with professional service solutions. We offer a range of services for your hot tub or swim spa, from inspections and water cleaning to ordering replacement parts and repair.

Spa Service

We will perform a full inspection of your hot tub, checking for problem areas and servicing your spa as needed.

Spa Maintenance

Our service technician will test, balance, and treat the water in your hot tub, ensuring a safe and enjoyable spa experience.

Spa Repair

Is your hot tub not operating properly? Our team will inspect the spa, order parts and complete the repair in a timely manner.


From time to time, a maintenance issue or repair isn’t so cut and dry. We will troubleshoot the issue until we find a resolution.

Spa Service in Mexico

Our technicians will work efficiently to repair your spa, so you can continue to enjoy the many benefits. Professional and timely service can avoid any unnecessary stress caused by repairs, while your hot tub or swim spa does the rest of the work.

Common Service and Repair Problems

With years of experience in spa service and repair, our technicians have truly seen it all. Some issues, more than others. If you’re experiencing any of the service and repair problems below, know that you are not alone and that our experts are more than capable of combating the issue and bringing your hot tub back to life.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is often a result of an imbalance of chemicals or a clogged filter. Our team will test and treat the water, then clean the filter.

Cold Water

Is your hot tub anything but hot? This could be related to an issue with the heating or circulation system.

Still Water

Often a result of an issue with clogged jets or the circulation system, not only is still water not enjoyable, but it also creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Chemical Storage for Your Hot Tub or Swim Spa

Save money and extend the life of your test strips and spa chemicals by storing them safely.

  • Maintain a uniform temperature. Extreme cold and heat can damage test strips and/or chemicals, reducing their lifespan. Avoid storing chemicals in direct sunlight, near heaters or in hot places like attics. In colder temperatures, be sure to keep chemicals indoors.

  • Keep spa chemicals dry. Store supplies in an airtight container and makes sure that it’s kept closed. Do not place the containers directly on the ground or on concrete and ensure these are on a lifting platform. Also, make sure the lids are tightly closed after each use.

  • Ensure that both children and pets cannot enter your hot tub or swim spa. Keep the original packaging. Decorative containers exist quite a few, but the original containers are the best. You will receive instructions on how to use and store each chemical, so you are sure not to mix them up.

Reliable Water Care Products

Sundance® Spas water management systems and products were developed with one idea in mind: to make taking care of your spa as easy as possible. We offer a full line of Sundance® brand products to aid in maintenance.

• SunPurity™ PLUS Water Amplifier: After testing and balancing your spa water, but before adding sanitizer, add SunPurity™ PLUS to improve the water quality and performance.

• Pre-filter: Connect to your standard garden hose to filter the water while filling your spa.

• MicroFiber Pre-filter: This disposable pre-filter removes dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium.

• 6-in-1 test strips: Standard strips only measure chlorine down to 1 ppm, but our professional strips are designed to measure at 0.5 ppm, the ideal number.

• Filter Flosser: This accessory has a specialized spray to help clean your filter remove debris and help your filter last longer.

• Vacuum cleaner: A little dirt or sand is not a problem when you can vacuum it with the vacuum cleaner for the spa.

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